5 Tools to Simplify Your Life and Business with your Virtual Office

I know it has been while. Honestly, I cannot believe summer is almost over. I hope you had a great summer. I must say it was one of the busiest seasons for me and I am grateful to that.  If you are like me and wear many hats, I think you will find this post pretty useful and effective.
Some might not know but I am a closet techie,  I love to learn new tools and resources that will help grow my business and keep the business sustainable. My dad always says if ‘it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.’   So, if you stay on the go, I would like to share some of my favorite tools:

1. QuickBooks Online (less than $15 a month)

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.54.41 PM

About two years ago, my accountant recommended we discontinue our old financial system and transition to QuickBooks online. At first, I wasn’t a fan only because it was going to require me to take time to learn it. However, after a few months I fell in love it. It provides real time info and links to all of your businesses’ operating accounts. My bank accounts and other accounts are linked to the Quickbooks online account. It also provides profit and loss statements so you can see if the business is making profit or loss each month/quarter. If you are applying for a microloan, seeking capital investors or applying for a business grant, it will give you the necessary reports required to apply. You can also integrate Intuit Card Reader for credit card processing into your QuickBooks online account and it automatically syncs with your account. Intuit is free to use.  However, there is processing fee for each transaction. For info, visit, http://www.intuit.com/

2. UberConference (FREE)


I don’t know how I discovered Uberconference.com but I love it and their app. I use it for my phone and video conferences. I like it because I can take it from my computer without having to use my cell phone. We all know the battery life is limited. (I will share a solution for that too)  There are features for you to record, mute the callers, and screen share all from your computer or phone. It also sends text reminders and you can have it to send text reminders to your participants. It also has an online chat feature.  The best part is it allows you to just dial in without adding a pin. The only drawback is there is limit for the # of callers. Enjoy free UberConferencing!


3. Dropbox (FREE until you need more)

Dropbox image

It is the file, photo and video storage on steroids for real and it is free. Well, it depends how much you use. You can easily upload and send files/photos from your phone, tablet, ipad, computer or Kindle. The app is also easy to use. It actually functions the same way as the desktop.
So while on the go, when clients ask for that photo or file, you can share without having to use your computer’s hard drive.  Dropbox is usually available on most smartphones, so take advantage of it to avoid using your storage on you mobile device.  Trust me, it gets annoying when you can’t download an app because  your storage is full.


4. Evernote (FREE unless your upgrade for more fun features)

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.51.57 PM

I had heard of Evernote but hadn’t used it until this past summer. I use it to keep up with my expenses while traveling. I would take a photo of my receipt, post in my notebook with details of the expense. I also use it to store my utility bills. I take a photo, put in the due date and then shred the bill. Often times you have to show proof of residency, so this way I always have it handy should I need to present it.   It is also good for note taking and sharing your notes with others. It syncs with Gmail and it is also great for keeping up with those nasty long confirmation #’s. Happy Evernoting!






5. Periscope


I have to admit I had been on social media overload.  However, when I first learned of Periscope, I was smitten by it. It is a new video-streaming platform powered by Twitter. We used it as a tool as an insider video for a live Q &A session of an international artist who was premiering his latest album. Each broadcast can be replayed but is removed after 24 hours. I love that you can also save it on your mobile phone and embedded it in a blog, or save to your Dropbox folder etc. Stay tuned for my weekly Periscope, titled…”Praying for your Scope!”


I have to admit these tools help simplify my life and business.  You must make technology your best friend because it is pretty powerful and keeps you connected as an entrepreneur on the go.   We all have smart phones so let’s use them to its full potential.  I hope to share more with you in the near future to keep you efficient and effective.

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