7 Common Branding Mistakes We Make….

The 7 common mistakes we make when we are working on a brand:7b5556151d755e4f393aaa059cc38ba8

  1.  Tell everyone about it – Be careful who you share your dreams and aspirations.  Determine if they are a dream pusher or dream killer.  Your destiny is at stake.  You need a DREAM TEAM!
  2. Start with a website  You shouldn’t start with  a website if you do not have a clear and concise strategy about who you are and your WHY.
  3. Your logo is your brand – Logo is what identifies you or your business.  Your reputation, your why and what makes you unique represents your brand.   Remember there is nothing new under the sun but what do you have that can be bottled up, packaged and sold.  What’s your juice?
  4. Doing everything– Decide what you are good at it and focus on that.   Learn to get you a few good folks who you can refer business to and they give you a referral fee.   The more focused you are, the better people understand what you do and how to best serve you.

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    Larvetta L Loftin (Judge)  with Miller Coors CEO and Chief Digital Strategist Cle Andrea Hayden of Inked Digital for the MillerCoors Business Plan Competition Event.

  5.  Not investing – For many, 18 years of your life is investing in education or 25 years and then we stop and that’s one of the worst things we can do .  The more you learn the more you earn!
  6. Research – Learn to ask, conduct surveys, focus groups and provide your audience what they want and not what YOU think they should have.
  7. Social Media is your strategy – Social media is a tactic and decide which medium will increase your brand awareness.   Popularity means influence not always PROFIT

Stop waiting to everything is right.  Just DO IT.   Go where the experts are and the game changers are.  I find myself going to networking events, workshops, charity events, family functions,  etc to meet other people like me that I don’t know.   Maybe it’s not the host, conference speaker but it’s a guest sitting next to you that might be looking for one of your services or perhaps they know someone.

Here’s a workshop in Chicago with two of my friends in the industry.  I promise you it has taken a year to get Marketing/Business Expert Charles Johnson to share his wealth of business formation and wealth building, Digital Strategist Cle Andrea Hayden  to share the power of SOCIAL Media for your brand and myself all on 1 stage for 1 day!  BAM! 

There you have it, so you don’t want to miss this!  If you can’t, share it with someone you know or gift it for someone who you believe in.    We only have a Limited # of SPOTS!!!

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