CEO Founder of L3 Eventeurs shares why automation keeps you relevant

Marketing automation is crucial in this ever changing world. As humans thrive in increasing technology, companies and marketers must follow the trend. We must take advantage of the software that marketing automation and communication provides to help spearhead our development and growth. With today’s technology we can automate those repetitive actions, such as email campaigns, social media posts, etc. This way we can stay relevant without completing an excessive amount of tedious tasks. Here, I’m providing you with my top 5 automation websites that help you accomplish your goals efficiently. 1. Roosterly I met the founder of Roosterly about five months ago  at hosted event  at the Ivy Hotel in Chicago.    Later that month, the CEO and I met to learn more about it and how we can use it.   Well, we are fans of this product and support the CEO as  he continues to improve their system.   If social media is not your thing, Roosterly can serve as your social content manager.   It creates and posts quality content for you so you don’t have to. You can save tremendous amounts of time with this company. When you sign up, they ask you a few questions, and then the company aggregates all your information to It helps you illustrate your own personal brand on your social media. The website allows 2 weeks of free trial, so you can test the waters.   2.MINDBODY: Online Business Management Software MINDBODY provides an abundance of services from online booking for your own clients, creating reports, automation, running promotions and more. They also have an app called Engage that pairs well with MINDBODY online. The company focuses on the health, beauty and wellness  industry which is the industry we service. 3. Bizzaboo Created in 2012, this events success software company helps you with your grand and small events. Bizzaboo can manage your event, create a website, sell tickets, email attendees, etc.  The company helps you streamline your events and provides a sophisticated feel to anything you need.    The other thing I love about it is the ability for guests to log  in with your LInkedIn profile.   You also have the ability to connect to attendees prior/during/post  event.   Take a spin and see how others are using with their events. 4.  Proxfinity Proxfinity is a new startup that is headquartered in my home town.  I recently chatted with the founder as they are housed in 1871.   As an event marketer, we bring authentic engagements to our clients and this wearable is an innovative way for  people to interact and network at live events.   This wearable technology  displays your initials on the matching user’s badge, and their initials on yours.  It captures data that allows event organizers and enterprises to retool business processes, enhance participant experience and boost ROI. It eliminates the need to hand out business cards as a way to connect but now you can build on that connection with your business card. Proxfinity is truly a more authentic way to network based on your interests and needs. 5. Slack Slack is a fantastic communication website. Through Slack, you can speak through different group conversations to your coworkers or clients so it brings all your communication with your employees and clients together. Any kind of document, spreadsheet, slides, etc. can be shared with your team. You also have the choice to make the group conversations, channels or public for anyone to join or private. This website really allows for greater efficiency in your company. I am a fan of these products and these new start ups as we believe in staying above trends and being innovative as a problem solver agency.

Larvetta L. Loftin

Founder of L3 Eventeurs, a full service marketing and integrated agency who focuses on helping brands make authentic connections with women and millennials.  She also serves as a branding expert, media personality and speaker on  brand building, authentic marketing and social selling.

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