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Larvetta credits much of her success and business decisions to her mentors. Some of them she knows personally and some she has never met but she trusts their advice and aspires to interview them on her radio show.


“I champion my clients to see their brands’ value to become an award winning brand people like, trust and know. ” Larvetta L. Loftin

Larvetta has proven results as a champion for entrepreneurs. Her award winning business branding coaching has helped over 50% of her client base of small business owners increase revenue by 20% and a third have produced over 50%.

Here’s what my clients have to say about my award winning branding coaching sessions:

“The knowledge, experience and practical advice Larvetta provides during her Branding Sessions are unparalleled. Through our multiple sessions, she opened my eyes to the importance of Branding and how I am intertwined with my company’s image. Every business needs a team of experts to turn to, and Larvetta is your Branding Expert.” – Stephanie Walters, BlueTop Marketing

“Larvetta Loftin has been a vital resource in the expansion of Rachel O. Beauty. Her business and branding coaching has successfully helped me to widen my vision and has increased my business by 30%.” – Rachel Odem, Founder/Natural Hair Blogger & Beauty Expert

“As a result of my Branding Business Coaching a session with Larvetta Loftin, Money Mom Inc has clearly defined its target and purpose into a profitable brand you want to know and trust.” – Apryl Moore-Beasley, Money Mom Founder and Finance Coach

“I consulted with Larvetta to help me market my business. Larvetta was thorough, efficient, creative, & professional. She gave me innovative ideas & marketing strategies, which I used to grow my business. Whether you’re a small business just getting off of the ground or a stabilized business looking for growth opportunities, ‘Larvetta is the marketing guru for you.'” – Shawnice Taylor, Advancement Tx LLC

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