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Why Leading Ladies International?

After feeling the rippling effect of the bad economy and witnessing the emotional and financial damage it had done to me, I decided to take action.  The action was to create a platform that would not only empower women but also highlight successful women in their respective fields.   Being an industry professional for 15 years and an entrepreneur for the past ten years, I felt it was necessary to expose leading women who had made an impact in my life both professionally and personally.    I always state ‘I am only as good as the people around me.’

So, I called my leading ladies to the table and they responded with a resounding YES!  Four years later, this local idea has now blossomed into an international brand and have included: Lynn Richardson, Financial Guru/Speaker; Amy Hilliard, The Comfort Cake Company; Monique Caradine, TV Personality/Speaker; Erica Sevilla, VerizonWireless, Kyra Kyles, Senior Editor of JET/Blogger/TV Personality, Adrene Ashford, Celebrity Stylist/House of Adrene; Michelle Redd, Building Blocks Learning Academy; Sally Hazelgrove, Restoring The Path, and Sil Lai Abrams, Speaker/Relationship Expert/Author, just to name a few.

My desire for every woman who attends our conference is to be motivated, empowered, and inspired to become a Leading Lady in their communities, careers and families.

If you want change, you have to become the change agent and join the Leading Ladies movement today!

Hear an interview after we launched the first one!