Let's Get Down To Business

Let’s Get Down To Business is a weekly one- hour show featuring small businesses and entrepreneurs with five or more years of experience and a proven track record. The show provides fuel to grow small businesses into big brands. It’s FAST- PACED, UPBEAT, INTERACTIVE and has a CALL TO ACTION to its listeners to take their brand to the next level through strategic partnerships and improved technologies.

The show is part inspiration, audience call in and special guests interviews that deliver rich and engaging information to motivate the listeners. The show kicked off in February to honor African –American Game Changers who are changing the landscape on how to do business as a faith based organization, doing global business, an online radio station and serial entrepreneurship.

We just completed our first season with 9 shows and we reached over 10,000 listeners.   Season Two will begin late summer.   Fee free to listen to some of our past shows and  be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will stay informed of our launch date of Season Two.

If you would like to be a guest of  Season Two of  Let’s Get Down To Business, please submit your business from the Become a Guest page.