Raise Your Game and Be Bold in 2015

I know we are about 5 – 6 days into the New Year and many of us are working on our list and stating our goals for the year. Or some of us have not even started yet.  So, this year, I want to share how I took stock of my learnings and failures in order to raise my game and be bold in 2015.

My pastor delivered a message that we will have a net breaking and boat- sinking year. Is that not raising your game or not? I don’t know about you but I am willing to get in the boat and go deep to raise my game. Here are 10 things that I learned in 2014 that will help raise your game and be bold in 2015:

My retreat

My retreat

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Your blessing can only come when you begin to open your mouth and ask.   In business, the first sign of weakness is not asking for what you need or want. If you want any kind of loan (business, education, personal or mortgage) you have to ask for how much you need.
  • Be selfish with your time. Stop letting people soak up your time when you can use that time for something purposeful. Time is money and money is time so use it wisely. We are all here on this earth on borrowed time.   So, make an appointment to be selfish with your time, it’s precious!
  • Learn to take yourself out on a date. It teaches you to not wait on someone to enjoy the joys of life. If you want to go out to dinner at a local new restaurant, make the reservation, grab that smartphone, tablet or Ipad and flip through your favorite sites while enjoying your very own dinner date. It’s just like having dinner at home but instead you are in the company of a chef, waitress, ambience, guests, etc. Consider it a party for you.
  • Forgive, Forgive and Forgive.  Forgiveness allows you to be free, focused and favored.   Forgive those who wronged you and forgive yourself for making that mistake.  God certainly forgives us and doesn’t keep a record of our wrongs because he just LOVES us that much.
  • No need to be validated.  Validation is something that I have suffered with because I had problems fitting in. I am validated because God molded me with every freckle or mole on my face to live a purposeful life. If you don’t like me, then you probably don’t like the God in me.
  • Turn off social media and be present.  Don’t clutter your mind on social media because it will give you a false sense of reality.   I really have found myself indulging in basic activities again and being present. I have used that time to work on home projects or DIY projects.   The world doesn’t need to know everything at that moment some things should be sacred.
  • It’s ok to say you need a moment. We all need time to pause before we hit play. Pause is necessary to reflect and be quiet.   So, press PAUSE right now.
  • Take a trip by yourself to dream.  I took 2 trips alone to face my own truth. I actually took my first train ride by myself. I enjoyed reading, writing in my journal and just dreaming.        20140706_132009
  • OWN your truth.  Rumors tend to erupt when we are not truthful about actions and behaviors.   I am not saying you must go tell the world every single ounce of your life but don’t let shame be the reason.  Just OWN it and smile through it.   I just believe honesty is the best policy and it sets you up for freedom.
  • Serve others. When you are faced with difficult circumstances, it is best to help others in need. armenia It allows you to concentrate less on what you are dealing with.   So, just because you don’t have the money, the man or the manpower, doesn’t mean you are not a blessing to the world.


I thank 2014 for the life lessons to make me better as a CEO, a leading lady, daughter, auntie, girlfriend and sister. I am declaring 2015 will be about raising my game and be bolder.   I hope to see you all on the boat. (Remember boat- sinking year!)

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